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Yuhong Information|Witness to Growth: Love others and benefit others, life will shine!

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In Yuhong, there is always such a scene: two couples commute together for many years as one day. They have a common topic, mutual care, mutual understanding, line shadow, love, and tax Lin couple is one of the pair. Tax Lin is Yuhong's quality department director, in charge of technology and product quality. Their own professional and technical excellence, but also the company's network and computer maintenance, and hands-on ability, is the company's indispensable skills. At the same time, he has a happy family and a loving husband and wife, which is a good story that colleagues enjoy. Let's listen to Tax Lin's life insights
My name is Tax Lin, I am 45 years old this year, I joined Yuhong, started as an ordinary employee, and now I am the minister of the quality department. Along the way, I have a lot of feelings, I grow up with the company, know and do, continuously learning, and sincerely being good to others, is my growth and harvest the magic weapon of happiness.
Learning while doing is the best way to grow
My education is not high, join Yuhong after five years of work experience in the same industry, but no hard skills. I came to Yuhong, I make full use of all kinds of learning time and opportunities, learning and doing. Encounter problems and difficulties, I will find ways to solve them, to break through. Remember the saying: you know more because you encounter more problems than others. Transform the problem into their own skills, that is to learn.
Learning while doing, in the work of continuous learning, in the learning of continuous progress. Now technology is updated very quickly, and all walks of life are developing rapidly. If you do not understand, ask, will not learn, to try to diversify the learning, hands to do, to enrich yourself, I believe that in the near future, you will find that now is the best time to do this thing.
Chinese culture opens new windows for me
Technical people are not very good at expressing themselves. In the past, I always used to take comfort in this saying. Since learned Chinese culture, corporate learning, group meeting, reading, and sharing my expression ability has improved a lot, and I know how to communicate and express what I think. I have become more cheerful, and my relationship with my colleagues has become more harmonious.
What's more, I can handle some emergencies in the quality department properly and express myself accurately. Not only the work efficiency has been improved, but also the working atmosphere is more harmonious.
Love her and benefiting her is the best shortcut to building a happy family!
My lover is also a Yuhong person, we entered the factory in the same year, both are from Sichuan, in Yuhong to complete the birth of a child to buy a house in the important moment of life and now we work in the same office. Maybe someone will have questions, every day together, not tired? I'll be honest, really not tired!
We are far away from our parents, settled in Yuhong side, and both of us cherish this destiny. In daily life, I will be more for her sake, sincere and selfless good to her, do more for her benefit, understanding, and tolerance of her shortcomings and small temper, doubly appreciate her strengths and advantages, and at the same time will be grateful from the heart for her for their own dedication and sacrifice. Love is a two-way run, I naturally also harvested the same love and warmth of my beloved.
Sincerely and selflessly to the love of the good, a hall of men forcefully said the most delicate and affectionate words. Showed his commitment, but also revealed his kindness and heart. A person with such a pure heart will always enjoy life, enjoy work, enjoy the fun of being good to people in a happy mood, and always feel deep down that everything in the world is so beautiful. Blessings to Tax Lin!