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Deep groove ball bearings are a type of rolling element bearing that can handle both radial and axial loads. They have deep raceway grooves on the inner and outer rings, allowing them to accommodate high radial and axial loads in both directions. These bearings are commonly used in various applications such as electric motors, automotive components, and machinery.
The R Series refers to a specific series of deep groove ball bearings that are designed in accordance with inch measurements. This series is widely used in the United States and other countries that follow the imperial measurement system. The R Series typically includes bearings with inner diameters ranging from 0.1875 inches (4.7625 mm) to 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).
R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings, are a specific type of deep groove ball bearings designed for applications that require inch-based measurements.

Bearing  NO. Shape Dimension(mm) Steel Ball basic Load Rating(KN)  Max Speed(rpm) Weight  (kg)
Bore d Outer Diameter D Width B Radius r min Size  mm Quantity  NO. Dynamic  Cr Static  Cor Grease Oil
open shield sealed
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch
R2 3.175 0.125 9.525 0.375 3.969 0.1563 3.97 0.1563 0.15 0.0059 1.588 7 0.63 0.218 56000 67000 0.0014
R3 4.762 0.1875 12.7 0.5 3.969 0.1563 4.98 0.1961 0.3 0.0118 2.381 7 1.3 0.485 43000 53000 0.0022
R4 6.35 0.25 15.875 0.625 4.978 0.196 4.98 0.1961 0.3 0.0118 2.381 8 1.48 0.615 38000 45000 0.0045
R6 9.525 0.375 22.225 0.875 5.556 0.2187 7.14 0.2811 0.4 0.0157 3.969 7 3.35 1.41 32000 38000 0.009
R8 12.7 0.5 28.575 1.125 6.35 0.25 7.94 0.3126 0.4 0.0157 4.769 8 4.3 1.3 26000 32000 0.02
R10 15.875 0.625 34.925 1.375 7.144 0.2813 8.73 0.3437 0.8 0.0315 4.763 10 5.99 3.285 22000 28000 0.03
R12 19.05 0.75 41.275 1.625 7.938 0.3125 11.11 0.4374 0.8 0.0315 6.35 9 7.905 4.48 17000 20000 0.052
R14 22.225 0.875 47.625 1.875 9.525 0.375 12.7 0.5 0.8 0.0315 6.35 10 10 5.85 13000 17000 0.07
R16 25.4 1 50.8 2 9.525 0.375 12.7 0.5 0.8 0.0315 6.35 10 10 5.85 13000 17000 0.085
R18 25.575 1.0069 53.975 2.125 9.525 0.375 12.7 0.5 1 0.0394 7.938 9 13.2 8.3 10000 14000 0.091
R20 31.75 1.25 57.15 2.25 9.525 0.375 12.7 0.5 1 0.0394 7.938 9 13.2 8.3 10000 14000 0.096
R22 34.925 1.375 63.5 2.5 11.112 0.4375 14.29 0.5626 1 0.0394 7.938 11 16.2 10.5 9000 12000 0.154
R24 38.1 1.5 66.675 2.625 11.112 0.4375 14.29 0.5626 1 0.0394 7.938 12 17 11.8 8500 11000 0.172

Ningbo Yuhong Bearing Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yuhong Bearing Co., Ltd. is famous China R Series deep groove ball bearing manufacturers and wholesale R Series deep groove ball bearing Suppliers, serves as a prominent enterprise in the bearing industry within Zhejiang, situated in Pengnan Industrial Park, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Through years of dedicated efforts, Yuhong has evolved into a high-tech enterprise, integrating bearing research and development, manufacturing, testing, and sales. Our primary focus lies in the production of deep-groove ball bearings, with a workforce comprising more than 200 skilled employees. Annually, we manufacture over 80 million pieces. Under our proprietary brands KJYJ and JHOK, we also offer the option of producing bearing products under customer-licensed brands. Our global presence spans across 50 countries and regions, catering primarily to domestic and foreign distributors or production enterprises specializing in bicycles, motorcycles, household appliances, transmission machinery, and equipment, providing comprehensive support services.

At Yuhong, we consider quality as the cornerstone of our enterprise. Rigorously adhering to the 6S lean principles, we ensure strict control over raw material inspection, steel ball and steel tube production, fittings, and bearing processing, assembly, as well as each procedural testing. This unwavering commitment guarantees the stability and reliability of our bearing products. Furthermore, we leverage advanced CNC processing equipment and a full-automatic bearing assembly line for heat treatment, turning, grinding, cleaning, and assembly processes, effectively enhancing product performance stability. Notably, we have achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification, an internationally recognized standard, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining exceptional quality standards.

We specialize in custom R Series deep groove ball bearing, We extend a sincere invitation to customers from all walks of life, both domestic and international, to visit us. Together, we can forge friendly cooperation and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Your partnership is essential to our continued growth and success.



R Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing Industry knowledge

Unlocking Efficiency: The Advantages of R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings

R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings, known as R-Series bearings, are pivotal components in various industries, offering a host of advantages that enhance operational efficiency. These inch ball bearings, characterized by their inch-based dimensions, have become indispensable in a wide array of applications. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the myriad advantages of R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings that make them a top choice in diverse industries.
R Series bearings are renowned for their exceptional versatility. Their availability in diverse sizes and configurations ensures their adaptability to a wide spectrum of applications, spanning machinery, automotive systems, aerospace technology, and more. This adaptability empowers them to effectively handle varying load and speed requirements.
Precision is paramount in many applications, and R Series bearings excel in this regard. Engineered with deep grooves, they facilitate seamless and precise rotation, making them ideal for applications where accuracy is imperative.
Durability is a hallmark of R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings. These deep groove ball bearings are constructed to withstand substantial loads and endure harsh operating conditions. Crafted from high-quality materials and subjected to heat treatment processes, they deliver a robust and durable performance that translates to an extended service life and reduced maintenance needs.
One of the key benefits of R Series bearings is their ability to minimize friction and heat generation during operation. This reduction in friction not only enhances energy efficiency but also mitigates wear and tear on components, leading to lower operational costs.
The capability of R Series bearings to operate quietly and with minimal vibration is highly advantageous. In applications where noise and vibration can compromise product quality or operator comfort, these bearings shine.
Installation and maintenance are simplified with R Series bearings. Many variants come pre-lubricated, reducing the need for frequent re-lubrication and streamlining maintenance routines.
R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings offer a compelling cost-efficiency proposition. Their competitive pricing, coupled with their extended service life and reliability, leads to substantial cost savings over the long term.
In applications demanding high speeds, R Series bearings excel without compromising performance or durability. This attribute renders them suitable for applications requiring rapid rotational speeds.
For environments where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive substances is a concern, certain R Series bearings come with corrosion-resistant coatings or materials, ensuring their suitability for use in demanding conditions.
Manufacturers often provide customization options for R Series bearings, allowing customers to select precisely tailored bearings. Customization may include variations in size, materials, and lubrication options.
In conclusion, R Series Inch Deep Groove Ball Bearings are indispensable components that offer reliability and efficiency across numerous applications. Their versatility, precision, durability, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability to high-speed demands position them as critical components in various industries. When selecting bearings for specific applications, thorough consideration of factors such as load capacity, speed requirements, environmental conditions, and customization options ensures optimal performance and efficiency.