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Ningbo Yuhong Bearing Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yuhong Bearing Co., Ltd. is famous China Deep groove ball bearings manufacturers and wholesale Ball bearings factory, serves as a prominent enterprise in the bearing industry within Zhejiang, situated in Pengnan Industrial Park, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Through years of dedicated efforts, Yuhong has evolved into a high-tech enterprise, integrating bearing research and development, manufacturing, testing, and sales. Our primary focus lies in the production of deep-groove ball bearings, with a workforce comprising more than 200 skilled employees. Annually, we manufacture over 80 million pieces. Under our proprietary brands KJYJ and JHOK, we also offer the option of producing bearing products under customer-licensed brands. Our global presence spans across 50 countries and regions, catering primarily to domestic and foreign distributors or production enterprises specializing in bicycles, motorcycles, household appliances, transmission machinery, and equipment, providing comprehensive support services.

At Yuhong, we consider quality as the cornerstone of our enterprise. Rigorously adhering to the 6S lean principles, we ensure strict control over raw material inspection, steel ball and steel tube production, fittings, and bearing processing, assembly, as well as each procedural testing. This unwavering commitment guarantees the stability and reliability of our bearing products. Furthermore, we leverage advanced CNC processing equipment and a full-automatic bearing assembly line for heat treatment, turning, grinding, cleaning, and assembly processes, effectively enhancing product performance stability. Notably, we have achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification, an internationally recognized standard, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining exceptional quality standards.

We specialize in custom Ball bearings, We extend a sincere invitation to customers from all walks of life, both domestic and international, to visit us. Together, we can forge friendly cooperation and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Your partnership is essential to our continued growth and success.



Deep Groove Ball Bearing Industry knowledge

The Science Behind Smooth Operations: Exploring Deep Groove Ball Bearing Technology

Deep groove ball bearings (DGBBs) are essential components found in a wide array of mechanical systems, quietly facilitating the smooth operation of various applications, from household appliances to heavy industrial machinery. Behind the scenes, the science underpinning DGBB technology draws from a blend of engineering precision, materials science innovation, and the laws of physics. In this comprehensive exploration, we'll delve into the fundamental aspects of deep groove ball bearings and the scientific principles that render them indispensable.
Deep groove ball bearings consist of a few basic components: an inner ring, an outer ring, a set of precisely manufactured steel balls, and a cage to maintain the ball's spacing. These elements work together seamlessly to ensure the balanced transfer of forces within a mechanical system.
Material selection forms the cornerstone of DGBB technology. Bearing rings are typically crafted from materials like chrome steel (AISI 52100) or stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. The balls themselves are commonly made of steel, though advanced ceramics like silicon nitride (Si3N4) come into play for applications requiring high-speed operation and resistance to extreme temperatures.
The ingenious principle of rolling contact is at the heart of DGBB technology. This concept reduces friction significantly compared to sliding contact, allowing the spherical balls to roll gracefully within precisely engineered raceways. This translates into high-speed rotations with minimal energy loss.
Efficient lubrication is crucial to the longevity of DGBBs. Lubricants, whether grease or oil, serve two critical functions: reducing friction and dissipating heat generated during operation. These lubricants create a micron-thin film that separates the rolling elements from the raceways, ensuring a smooth operation while preventing direct metal-to-metal contact.
DGBBs are adept at managing both radial loads (perpendicular to the bearing's shaft) and axial loads (parallel to the shaft). The clever arrangement of steel balls within the raceways ensures that loads are evenly distributed, enhancing the bearing's capacity to bear various forces.
To safeguard against contamination and retain lubricants, DGBBs often employ seals or shields. Sealed bearings rely on rubber seals to provide a robust barrier against external elements, while shielded bearings employ metal shields to protect against larger debris, ensuring the integrity of the bearing's internal environment.
Bearing designers meticulously engineer internal clearances and preloads to tailor bearings for specific applications. Clearances represent the internal gap between the balls and the raceways, while preloading involves applying a calculated force to eliminate this gap. The result is enhanced stiffness, reduced vibration, and optimal performance across diverse operational scenarios.
In high-speed and heavy-load applications, heat becomes a formidable adversary. DGBBs are fortified with features and materials that can withstand temperature fluctuations. These may include heat-treated components, specialized coatings, or advanced alloys designed to endure extreme thermal conditions.
Noise and vibration can disrupt the performance of machinery. DGBB designs aim to minimize these unwanted effects, which can arise from uneven loads, manufacturing imperfections, or misalignments. Precision engineering techniques, such as meticulous grinding and assembly processes, contribute to quieter, smoother operations.
The longevity of DGBBs relies on regular maintenance, including periodic re-lubrication, thorough inspections for wear and damage, and timely replacement when bearings show signs of wear and tear. Proper maintenance ensures that these mechanical marvels continue to provide reliable service over extended lifespans.