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Can overheating damage ball bearings?

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Yes, overheating can damage the ball bearings. The running precept of ball bearings involves rolling friction. When the bearing is in operation, the touch between the ball and the internal and outer rings of the bearing will generate heat. Within the normal working temperature variety, this heat may be directly dissipated with out inflicting harm to the bearings. However, if the bearing overheats, it could motive the lubricant among the ball and the inner and outer rings of the bearing to evaporate and fail, resulting in dry friction among the ball and the inner and outer jewelry of the bearing, ultimately leading to bearing put on, rupture, or complete failure.
Therefore, it is very critical to hold the everyday running temperature of the bearings and avoid the use of them in an overheated kingdom as tons as possible. To ensure the everyday operation of the bearings, the lubrication popularity of the bearings must be regularly checked to make sure that the lubricant is enough and free of impurities. In addition, the running temperature of bearings need to be often checked, and equipment along with thermometers or infrared thermometers can be used for size. If bearing overheating is found, it ought to be stopped right away and inspected and repaired.