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Do ball bearings require more maintenance compared to other types of bearings?

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In general, ball bearings require less maintenance compared to other types of bearings. This is because ball bearings have the following characteristics:
Low lubrication requirements: Ball bearings usually only require a small amount of lubricant to operate normally, while sliding bearings may require more frequent lubrication or even oil grooves and pumps to maintain lubrication.
High speed operation stability: Ball bearings are usually more stable during high-speed operation because the heat generated by rolling friction is less, and the friction loss is also smaller. This means that during high-speed operation, ball bearings are less prone to overheating and wear, thereby reducing maintenance requirements.
Strong anti pollution ability: The design of ball bearings usually has good sealing and protective devices, which can effectively prevent dust, dirt, and other pollutants from entering the interior of the bearing, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.
Good corrosion resistance: For ball bearings made of special materials, such as stainless steel ball bearings, their corrosion resistance is good and they can operate stably in harsh environments for a long time, reducing maintenance requirements.
Although ball bearings usually require less maintenance, they still require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their normal operation. For example, it is necessary to regularly check the lubrication of bearings, add lubricants or replace lubricating grease in a timely manner; Check if the sealing and protective devices of the bearings are intact; And regularly clean the bearings and their surrounding environment to prevent pollutants from entering the interior of the bearings. Regular inspection and maintenance can extend the service life of ball bearings and maintain their good working condition.